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Socio-economic Impacts of Water Project on the Community Livelihood in Peri-urban of Tanzania: Case study Gairo District –Morogoro Region

Abstract: This study analysed the socio-economic impacts of water project on the community livelihood in peri-urban Tanzania. It employed a cross-sectional research design, and a survey questionnaire was distributed to 353 households were randomly selected by probability sampling techniques. [...] Read more

Assessment of Urbanization Implications in Water Management around Lake Victoria: Case Study Mwanza

Abstract: This study assesses urbanization implications in water management around Lake Victoria in Mwanza. The study was conducted in Nyamagana and Misungwi districts by the use of data collected from April 2020 to June 2021. A total of 200 respondents participated in this study. The findings [...] Read more

Mapping of Land Use Changes in Urban Catchments. A Case of Msimbazi Catchment in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

Abstract: Rapid urbanization activities may put significant pressure on catchments around the globe as they are also associated with the change in land use/land cover. This study used GIS-based techniques to investigate the land use/land cover changes in the Msimbazi river catchment in Dar es [...] Read more